HBCU First Student Challenge

HBCU student teams work with industry leaders to address real-time business opportunities. Through a series of high-touch engagements, companies mentor students — end-to-end — in solving problems and presenting solutions. All HBCU First Student Challenges are exclusively for HBCU First interns.

Win $1000 + a guaranteed Summer 2022 Internship with NielsenIQ

Would you like to get expert insight into collaborative business problem-solving while helping one of the world's leading companies better understand your generation — Gen Z?

NielsenIQ is the global measurement and data analytics company that studies consumer behavior, answering key questions for companies and brands covering over 90% of the world's population.

Think about your favorite food, beverage, health, or beauty brands and products — it's likely that NielsenIQ has played a role in the decision-making process for the brands that you know and love.

Join us Thursday, May 26th to learn more about the student challenge, data analytics, and NielsenIQ.

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