HBCU Leadership Incubator™

The HBCU Leadership Incubator™ is a hands-on, 10- to 12-week leadership development program helping Black college students bridge the gap between classroom learning and professional-world doing. Each student "Lead" gains entrepreneurial skills and business leadership experience by developing & managing an HBCU First program & team. This virtual program is open to full-time HBCU students.

10- and 12-Week Programs

We provide each intern:
• Meaningful, project-based work
• Networking opportunities
• Exposure to leading companies
• Stipend for completing program
We seek students who are:
• Creative problem-solvers
• Actively committed to growth
• Self-motivated and driven
• Detail-oriented

Meet our Fall 2021 Leadership Team:

Meet our Summer 2021 Alumni:

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HBCU First's mission is to increase college success + career access for Black youth.

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