Photo of HBCU First interns Marcia Ferguson and Maya Saunders at Florida Memorial University.

HBCU Student-Led Internship Programs

Looking for a Spring 2023 internship? Our student-led internships help Black youth navigate the college-to-career journey and bridge the learning and doing gap.

You will work with your peers and industry leaders to build skills and grow your network. As an HBCU First intern, the charge is to improve the HBCU First internship experience for all students.

Are you a first-year HBCU student? Apply to our Near-Peer Mentoring Program to get help transitioning to your HBCU.

Check out our programs and see if there's a role right for you. All HBCU First internships are virtual, paid, and open to full-time HBCU students.

  • HBCU Leadership Incubator™

    HBCU Leadership Incubator™
    Through our 11-week leadership development programs, each student “Lead” develops & manages an HBCU First program and team.


  • HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program™

    HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program™
    Through our 10-week internship experience, Near-Peer Mentors pair up with First-Year schoolmates to develop a playbook for college-to-career success.



  • Equity in Data and Research™

    Equity in Data and Research™
    HBCU “Peer Researchers” conduct career-related studies to make data analytics and primary research more accessible and relevant to Black youth.


HBCU First's mission is to increase college success + career access for Black youth.

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