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Who We Are

HBCU First's mission is to increase college success + career access for Black youth.
We believe Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) — due to their track record of graduating thriving professionals — should be the first choice of college-bound Black youth and diverse-talent-seeking organizations.

In 2019, HBCU First did two things to support and empower our future leaders:
1) Launched the leading resource (HBCUfirst.com) for Black college information
2) Developed the HBCU Experiential Framework™

To ensure our work has real impact, we enlist the help of the people we serve — Black youth. Through our HBCU Leadership Incubator™, students from America's 101 historically Black colleges develop & manage our programs and resources.

Our ultimate goal is to help Black youth, our economy's most underrepresented, move America forward — economically and socially.

Team HBCU First

Our Values & Principles

We are proud earners of the Guidestar® 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our commitment to Fairness, Accuracy, Community, Transparency, and Service (FACTS) guides how we work, and who we work with.

Fairness: We believe opportunity and representation matter. We give respect to the views and opinions of all within our organization.


Accuracy: We value facts and feedback. We strive to continuously evolve leveraging primary data to better serve Black youth.


Community: We cultivate a family atmosphere within our organization by supporting students professionally, socially, and emotionally.


Transparency: We believe clear and authentic communication is the best way forward. We share what's on our mind and expect the same in return.


Service: We lead through service. We are committed to serving Black youth and teaching the value of helping others move forward.

HBCU First's mission is to increase college success + career access for Black youth.

Learn how we increase college success + career access.