Photo of HBCU First interns Marcia Ferguson and Maya Saunders at Florida Memorial University.

HBCU Student-Led Internship Programs

Looking for a Fall 2024 internship? Our student-led community empowers elite students students with in-demand, college-to-career skills.

You will work with your peers and industry leaders to build skills and grow your network. As an HBCU First intern, the charge is to improve the HBCU First academy experience for all students and corporate partners.

Are you an incoming HBCU student? Apply to HBCU Day-One-Ready to get help transitioning to your HBCU.

Check out our programs and see if there's a role right for you. All HBCU First internships are remote, paid upon completion, and open to full-time HBCU students.

  • HBCU Day-One-Ready Program

    HBCU Day-One-Ready Program
    Through our 10-week internship experience, HBCU students pair up to build skills and grow their network.


  • HBCU Leadership Incubator

    HBCU Leadership Incubator
    Through our 10-week leadership development program, students develop and manage HBCU First programs.


HBCU First is a student-led community advancing the overall wellbeing and economic participation of America’s Black youth.

Check out our student-led sessions.