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    Primary Research

    by HBCU Students
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    Primary Research
    by HBCU Students

HBCU Equity™

HBCU Equity™ is a student-led, primary research program. Our charge is to better understand the socio-academic drivers of America's Black youth.


HBCU Peer Researchers conduct career-related studies detailing the goals, priorities, and views of Black college students.


HBCU Equity aims to inform the development of programs & resources serving the socio-academic needs of Black youth.

  • Leap
    Socio-Academic Drivers of Black Youth

Peer Researcher (Internship)

• Design & conduct research
• Publish research reports
• Develop assessments
• Complete a capstone project

We provide each intern:
• Research skills & experience
• Support and networking
• Internship opportunities
• Career events & workshops
• Stipend upon completion

Spring 2022 Cohort (Jan 16th - Mar 26th)

We seek students who are:
• Creative problem-solvers
• Passionate about service
• Actively committed to growth
• Self-motivated and driven
• Detail-oriented

• Analytical & storytelling skills
• STEM or Social Science major
• Full-time HBCU student
• Commit at least 15 hrs/wk
• 3.0+ GPA

HBCU First's mission is to increase college success + career access for Black youth.

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