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College Readiness Workshop

HBCU Exploratory Program

We believe a holistic approach to college & career readiness is key to preparing our nation's future leaders. Researchers have long noted a break in our education and career pipeline. So in 2019, HBCU First developed and launched the nation's first & only HBCU Exploratory Program.

What is the HBCU Exploratory Program?
A college & career readiness experience that leverages the inherent opportunities, and challenges, of Black American students.

What does the HBCU Exploratory Program do?
● helps students choose a college & career path that's right for them
● provides students a framework for maximizing their college & career journey

Who does the Program serve?
We focus on college-bound Black high school students who may not be familiar with what Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) offer, or are unable to visit Black college campuses due to location and cost.
The Three Key Dimensions
Through our proprietary HBCU Exploratory Program, we develop college & career readiness workshops, organize company visits, and conduct Black college & cultural tours for promising Black youth.

College & Career Readiness Workshops
The core of the HBCU Exploratory Program is our four-part workshop series:
• Self-knowledge — entering college with a mindset of purpose & intention
• Environmental Insight — getting to know college & career options and gaining insight into college life
• Integration — building personal metrics for college & career selection and developing a plan of action
• Financial Aid — paying for college with scholarships, grants, and loans
Company Visits
Our company visits provide students an up-close look at college-to-career pathways. We introduce students to an industry, organization, and management roles within a company.

Black College & Cultural Tours
Our Black college tours are an opportunity for students to travel across the country and explore the institutions that support them most. Our Black cultural tours — which include civil rights landmarks, museums, and more — run alongside our HBCU tours and provide Black youth context to how they fit into the world.