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HBCU Exploratory Program

The growing number of students unprepared for college & career success is putting America's future at risk — economically and socially. Our nation's declining belief in the importance of a college education — coupled with persistent socioeconomic inequities — make it difficult to reverse this trend.

We believe a more holistic and inclusive approach to college & career readiness is key to helping youth move America forward. So in 2019, HBCU First launched America's first & only national HBCU Exploratory Program.

What is the HBCU Exploratory Program?
A college success + career access program for college-bound Black youth and current HBCU students. The HBCU Exploratory Program leverages the inherent opportunities and challenges of Black youth to help students develop college & career navigation skills and social-emotional readiness.

What is the goal of the HBCU Exploratory Program?
To increase college success + career access for Black youth.

The HBCU Exploratory Program helps promising students to:
• mentally prepare for college and the workforce
• choose the best college & career path
• develop a college & career playbook for success

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Sticky Notes
The 3 core services of the HBCU Exploratory Program are:
  • College Readiness Workshops

    College Readiness Workshops
    The HBCU First College Readiness Workshop Series helps youth of color navigate the college journey. We explore self-knowledge, the HBCU experience, and college & career choice. Our student-centered workshops are in partnership with high schools across 25 states and serve hundreds of students per year.
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  • Near-Peer Mentoring

    Near-Peer Mentoring
    The HBCU First Near-Peer Mentoring Program helps college-bound Black youth transition to college. High school juniors and seniors are matched with one of our 400+ student mentors — representing all 101 of America's HBCUs — for 1-1 support in developing a playbook for college success.

  • Black College & Cultural Tours

    Black College & Cultural Tours
    The HBCU First Black College & Cultural Tour provides youth of color an opportunity to explore their identities through Black cultural sites & museums and form visceral “connections” to HBCU campuses. High school juniors and seniors become better equipped to choose the best college & career path. All tours are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help increase college success + career access for Black youth.