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HBCU Exploratory Framework™

Research shows persistent socioeconomic inequality is putting America's future at risk. Our nation's outdated approach to preparing students for success is both an outcome, and driver of this national crisis.

We believe a more holistic, diverse-student-led approach, supported by industry leaders, is key to moving America forward — economically and socially. So in 2019, HBCU First launched the HBCU Exploratory Framework.

The HBCU Exploratory Framework™ is a college success + career access model for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The Framework helps Black youth (1) navigate the college-to-career journey and (2) bridge the gap between learning and doing.

The HBCU Exploratory Framework™ is comprised of four student-led internship programs: the HBCU Leadership Incubator™, HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program, HBCU Equity™, and HBCU Discovery™.

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  • HBCU Leadership Incubator™

    HBCU Leadership Incubator™
    Through our 12-week leadership development program, each HBCU student “Lead” develops & manages an HBCU First program and team.

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  • HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program

    HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program
    HBCU student “Near-Peer Mentors” help first-year schoolmates adapt to Black college life and develop a playbook for college-to-career success.

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  • HBCU Equity™

    HBCU Equity™
    HBCU student “Peer Researchers” conduct career-related, primary research to better understand the socio-academic drivers of America’s Black youth.

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  • HBCU Discovery™

    HBCU Discovery™
    “HBCU Student Advocates” lead choice-focused workshops helping college-bound Black youth navigate the high-school-to-college journey.

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Help increase college success + career access for Black youth.