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HBCU Exploratory Framework™

Research shows persistent socioeconomic inequality is putting America's future at risk. Our nation's outdated approach to preparing students for success is both an outcome, and driver of this national crisis.
We believe America's youth are entitled to a more holistic approach to college & career readiness. So in 2019, HBCU First developed the HBCU Exploratory Framework™.

What is the HBCU Exploratory Framework™?
The HBCU Exploratory Framework™ is a college success + career access model for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The framework leverages the lived experience of Black executives to help Black youth navigate the college to career journey and bridge the gap between learning and doing.

The key dimensions of the HBCU Exploratory Framework™ are the HBCU Leadership Incubator™, HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program, and HBCU Career Talks™.

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  • HBCU Leadership Incubator™

    HBCU Leadership Incubator™
    Through our 10-week leadership development program, paid HBCU Student Leads develop & manage HBCU First programs and resources.

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  • HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program

    HBCU Near-Peer Mentoring Program
    Utilizing our social-emotional resilience based curriculum, paid HBCU Student Mentors help first-year schoolmates adapt to college life and develop a playbook for success.

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  • HBCU Career Talks™

    HBCU Career Talks™
    Through HBCU student-led, Q&A forums, leading Black executives share their career journeys and unpack what it takes to go from college intern to senior executive.

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Help increase college success + career access for Black youth.