HBCU Student Insights™

HBCU Student Insights™ provides industry leaders an unfiltered look at what Black youth want in (and from) a company. Through virtual focus groups, HBCU students share their perspectives and ideas on key initiatives.

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HBCU Student Insights with 3M

HBCU First interns speak with 3M leadership about engaging HBCU students.
How to connect with HBCU students and be positioned to engage and recruit HBCU students throughout the country.

We welcome a distinguished panel from 3M.
Kelly Burton — Global Integrated Marketing Manager/ 3M African American Network, 2021 Chair Elect
Brian Ronningen — Director, OE&T, R&D and SBD
Garfield Bowen — Vice President, Social Justice Strategy & Initiatives
Brian Wesley — Global TA Event Manager
Ross Kent — Organization Effectiveness and Talent Manager - Enterprise Operations “Corp Engineering”
Omar Williams — US & Canada (USAC) Portfolio Leader, Precision Bonded Portfolio / 3M African American Network Chair

The session will cover:
• Choosing an Organization
• Recruiting
• Support Resources

HBCU First's mission is to increase college success + career access for Black youth.

Ecolab talks climbing the organizational ladder.