HBCU First Master Class

HBCU First Master Class unpacks professional skills and career opportunities. Through virtual presentations by industry leaders, HBCU students gain industry insights, build skills, and explore career pathways.

Master Interviews — HBCU First Master Class by Tiffany & Co.

Join us for a Master Class taught by:
Betty Sun, Programs Management and Operations Specialist
Samantha Klassen, Corporate Recruiter
Stephanie Garcia, Employee Store Coordinator
Vinnette Farrington, Store Director, Gendale
Tiffany Nelson, Cross Function Operations Associate

Learn how to prepare for success.

Topics Covered
• What hiring managers look for
• Preparing for an interview
• Resources such as LinkedIn

HBCU First's mission is to increase college success + career access for Black youth.

3M leads a discussion about engaging HBCU students.